The Potential for Growth in Your Startup’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

It’s no surprise that social media is so deeply intertwined with almost every facet of our lives, especially those revolving around consumerism. Even with how pervasive these platforms are in culture and society, it’s mind blowing to think that, as of 2021, half the world’s population have created at least one social media account–equating to roughly 4.2 billion users scattered across the globe.


This massive online presence of consumers is startling–especially because we know it's only growing larger and larger. Clearly, businesses of all sizes and backgrounds have picked up on this too, with most corporations employing digital marketing of some kind and 71% of small-to-mid sized businesses using social media to market themselves.

Social media is quite a powerful tool for gaining brand exposure for one’s business, but only if done strategically. One can only ask: how can my startup take advantage of this revolutionary marketing channel for sustainable profit?

What does Social Media & Ads Management entail?

In order to elicit desired results, effective Social Media Management first requires a strategic marketing perspective. Generally, this is carried out through the process of creating and distributing content for social media platforms, as well as monitoring and facilitating user interactions among many other routine tasks.

A reliable indicator of efficient social media management typically lies in a profile’s levels of user engagement. The more interested a follower base is in a company, the more likely they are to continue to connect with the business online and possibly become a customer. In fact, a whopping 90% of social media users are already connected with a brand or business on their platform of choice. Shouldn’t you get in on this too?

Why is it important for your small business?

We know, of course, that the sheer reach of social media spans beyond anything we know through traditional marketing channels. This potential for brand exposure is especially important for small businesses, who would otherwise be looking to advertise their goods or services to a presumably limited list of contacts and budget.

Additionally, the atmosphere of various social media platforms promote a sort of personability to small business profiles. When gauging interest in a startup, users are likely to research its existing reputation online, get to know your brand better, and possibly even connect with various team members. Oh, and the results? Following a positive experience, consumers are likely to recommend a brand on social media to others 71% of the time.

Where does my business go from here?

Nivisco is not only passionate about setting clients up with marketing strategies for online audiences but is also determined to give them the tools to sustainably do it themselves. Make ongoing growth your startup’s reality with our seasoned team of social media and marketing strategists, who will work with your brand’s vision to manage graphic and written content, as well as track ads, impressions, and user engagement for the growth of your small business online.

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